Rugby Betting Tips

Where some players will settle for a few statistics to bet on a match, a good bettor has to dig the reflection to the end to maximize its chances of making gains. No secret for that, only work pays! But because a little help is never too much, we’ve listed 5 key factors for you to consider before you start a bet.

Do not skip your eyes closed on a side

Do not play the odds out! Rugby is a sport that is played at 15, so the variables are multiple. The key to the match can come from the opener as forwards depending on the strengths of the one and the other team. Add to that the little sores last weekend. You’ll be able to clear trends on Monday, but bet before Thursday is really tricky. The parameters are not lacking, and if you forget to take into account you run the risk of disaster …

Promote home teams

“This team just lost twice, it’s not in shape at all, let’s play against! ” Attention, with the change of format of the Top 14, this home / outdoor alternation that is familiar to footballers is over. And in rugby, playing at home matters a lot. Which means that to analyze a match, you have to get the home stats to the home team before the overall stats. Thus, Stade Toulousain who chained 5 defeats has in fact lost a home game.

Avoid the handicap on the outside

To see if a handicap is good to play, take a look at the magnitude of home wins and away losses. Do not rely on the last matches independently of the field where they took place. When teams move, be careful: look at the Top 14 promoted! They have won a crazy sum of meeting at home, there is more little pimp who loses everything. If the victory of a Clermont or a Toulon on the move is tempted, prefer positive handicaps, or failing that, the odds to 1.6 minimum. Because nobody is ridiculous at home all season.

Watch the weather very closely

In football, or tennis, the wind is annoying. In rugby, it is sometimes decisive. The time of their splendor, when the tramontane blew to Perpignan, the local people know how to take advantage of it, to play with it. And these bursts at over 100 km / h, against which they fought in the first period, completed the opponents in the second. There is also the rain which tends to level the gaps, if the ground is greasy, it is more difficult to see big flights, if the ball is wet, it escapes more easily and the tests are more rare, the fault at the front.

Attention to indiscipline

The game starts are often very tight and yes, battling teams, deserving, lose on river scores. Ask yourself the question of who has this detonator player capable of creating offsets. Similarly, a team not confident is more likely to be sanctioned by the referee (yellow card and therefore 10 minutes inferiority or succession of penalties). A good start with domination that is materialized by a territorial occupation: three penalties, 9-0, and the game is in the pocket for the most pragmatic team. This factor will be even more important to take into account for fans of live betting.

Warning! Rugby is also a question of feeling, it is not an exact science and sometimes the organisms are tired and do not respond anymore. All big teams have their weaknesses so do not be intimidated by names. Everything is a matter of high time and low time, in a match as on a season. Note in passing that it is important to keep a watchful eye on the calendar not only to miss no bigz-you, but also and especially to predict possible decline, especially among the cadors of the various championships during doubles with international meetings