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Rugby Game – Know the Team

Rugby is a popular game which originated in the Midlands of England at a school of Warwickshire called Rugby. The game was initially called football until the day of William Ebb Ellis. With his trickery and bending the then rules of football of kicking the ball, he decided to run with while holding the ball right to the opponents’ side.

And that was the beginning of rugby game. It was in 1823. However, Ellis’s move was not approved until in 1841 when it entered in the rules book.
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The Team

Rugby like many other games is a two-team game. Each team has 15 players on each side. The one side team comprises of:

  • 1 and 3  

The primary role is to provide lifting strength, support the lineout jumpers, and anchor the scrum. They are also the pivot of rucks and mauls. To ensure robust stability for the scrum, they need to have upper body strength. They also must be good in mobility and endure all circumstances for continuity of a good play.

  • No 2 is the hooker

He has two significant roles in the game. He is the one who frequently throws the ball from the lineout and winning the possession of the ball in the scrum. He has to be very strong to endure all kinds of physicality in the front row. Speed and a stable throwing technique are high requirements for this player who has to be “everywhere at the same time”.

  • 4 and 5

These two players are the locks. They lock the winning ball from the lineouts and the restarts. They are also the momentum forward drivers for the scrum, rucks, and mauls while providing a space for attack. For this kind of position, they have to have height. They are otherwise known as the “giants” of the time for their physique. They also must be competent in catching skills and fast in mobility.

  • 6 and 7

Their principal roles are a turn over to win possession. To manage this, they have to use their physique and speed. They should be strong, fast, and hard to endure all the jostling and handling.

  • No. 8

He is the base in the scrum. He must secure and possess the ball and carry it in the open play. He links the forwards and backs in the attacks and also he plays as an aggressive defender. Such a player needs to have maximum power and short distance speed. He must be very skillful in handling the ball.

  • No. 9

He is the scrum-half. At the scrum and also the lineouts, he is the link between the forwards and the backs. He must be witty and quick in making decisions in the distribution of the quick ball.

  • No. 10

He is the fly-half. He is the pinnacle of the team’s performance. He receives the ball from 9 and will either choose to kick it, or pass, or even make a break depending on his quick decision of how the game is going.

  • Nos. 11 and 14 – The wings 

No. 11 is the left wing while No. 14 is the right wing. The wings waiting for an opportunity to inject in the pace needed in outrunning their opponents and score. They also play as the defense. What is required of them is speed, strength and excellent skills in handling the ball to run for the score.

  • Nos. 12 and 13. – They are the centers 

No. 12 is the inside center and No. 13 the outside center. They are supposed to be very witty in order to defend any attempt of attacks. They need to use their speed, strength and be alert to avert in breaching defense against any attacks.

  • No. 15 – The full back 

No. 15 is the base of defense. He is the last line of preventing any attacks. The full-back must be alert at all times and able to make a good judgment against the opponents. He needs to be very strong, fast in speed to be able to overlap and alert to grab every given opportunity to score.

Knowing the line-up of the team will make you a participant of the game. Now you know why there are different kinds of shapes and sizes in the rugby pitch. Not forgetting you the participant, maybe you might take No. 16, the cheering and jeering position. Without you, the line-up or the game cannot be complete. 

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